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Find your freelance SEO consultant in London

Are you looking for a freelance SEO Consultant?

I no longer offer freelance SEO services.

Get in touch and I can introduce to you on to an excellent independent freelance SEO consultant based in London.

Below are some thoughts that may be helpful.

SEO in 2018

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SEO success themes

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Find your freelance PPC Consultant in London

Are you looking for a freelance PPC Consultant?

I no longer offer PPC set-up or consultancy services.

Get in touch and I can match your requirements with an independent and certified Adwords professional based in London.

Below are some further thoughts that may be helpful.

What you should prepare first

Having the following information will help you find a consultant:

  • List your advertising challenges and questions
  • List your advertising goals e.g. make a purchase, lead generation, etc
  • Detail your target audience e.g. who, where, what
  • Know your advertising budget
  • Know your target cost per lead
  • List all keywords you think your target audience search on to find your solutions
  • List your three closest competitors

Questions to ask

I would highly recommend choosing a PPC Consultant that is certified. It means they will have a broader understanding of how Adwords works – set-up, analysis, optimisation, etc – and would have passed an exam to get their certification. The certifications are only valid for 12 months too and to become certified you must pass two Adwords exams. Some questions you should ask:

  • Do you hold a valid Google Adwords certificate?
  • Do you hold a valid Bing Ads certificate?
  • Can you describe your PPC strategy?
  • Can I talk to two of your customers?


Do you need a PPC Consultant?

Are you looking for a consultant because you’re not sure how to optimise your account?

With your current understanding of PPC advertising, are you in a position to judge and question the work and decisions of your PPC consultant?

If you’d like to increase your understanding of how Adwords works, which I’d recommend when you consider how much you spend, it can take one weekend to get a solid understanding of Adwords:

3.7 hours: Adwords Fundamentals

5.4 hours: Adwords Search Certification

Both courses can be studied at Google’s Academy for Ads.

After studying the course material, if you want to get certification at the end of learning about Adwords, taking the exam is now free. If you’re having a hard time passing the exams, I would recommend practicing with mock questions. You can find several Adwords certification courses on Udemy which should include practice tests.

Recommended Adwords optimisation lenses

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